Issues to Discuss When Getting a Divorce

Divorce is a complicated process that has several problems that comes with it. It is an emotionally, financially, and legally complicated process to go through. Handling two people who used to be partners and spouses split up and separate is difficult and challenging. When you go through this separation called divorce, it entails a wide array of issues that need to be discussed before the divorce can be officially and legally finalized. Here are a few of the many issues that you need to discuss when you and your spouse are separating and getting a divorce:

Issues relating to spousal support

divorceSpousal support is the support that you give or is given to you by your spouse who you are divorcing. This support can take shape as a lot of things, but usually, they are often financial support. They can also be in the form of continued health care coverage. However, financial support is the most common type that is given and received. Support is usually given to the spouse that is the breadmaker of the household or the person who makes the higher income. Before obtaining spousal support afer a divorce with your spouse, you need to discuss several things. These things include the entitlement of the spousal support itself, how much is the amount of spousal support that will be given, as well as how long and how often will the support be given from one person to the other.

Issues relating to assets and debts

When talking about issues relating to assets, there are a lot of things to talk about. When you have a lot of assets and debts as well as a wide array of them, this will be a long and complicated discussion. You will need to discuss your equity in a homestead, compensation for contributions as a homemaker, home furnishings, personal property, other real property, your vehicles, business assets, hidden assets, professional practices, professional degrees, savings accounts, retirement benefits, stocks, funds, bonds, and debts.

Issues relating to children

children issuesDiscussing children in a divorce settlement is a sensitive matter. You will need to find a solution to issues regarding legal issues such as child custody, physical child custody, child support, visitation with the non-custodial parent, visitation with stepchildren, visitation with grandparents, residence in the marital homestead, as well as claiming children as dependents for income tax purposes. You will also need to discuss other matters such as children’s health insurance, children’s dental insurance, uninsured health care costs, beneficiaries of life insurance policies, college education, as well as the religious upbringing of the children.