The Importance to Establish Paternity

A lot of people kept asking if establishing paternity is necessary or not, and the answer is yes. Paternity can be established in two ways, signing a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity form or establishing it through a court proceeding. Establishing paternity can be beneficial for the father, mother and the child, and there are many reasons why. Here we have listed several reasons for the importance of paternity, make sure to read this article to find out more.


The importance of paternity by being established is to document the child and the father’s relationship legally. By being documented, the child is legally the father’s, and this is useful in case there are court cases where the parents have to prove that the child is indeed theirs, and this is where the records will help a lot to win the custody of your child.

Child support

We never know what will happen in the future, and the possibilities of divorce are always there, and this is where establishing paternity is essential. Paternity is there to prove that the child belongs to both of the parents, and this will remind them that the father still has to provide the child support, be it for educational, health and many more. If you’re facing a paternity lawsuit, make sure to seek help from a certified and professional lawyer. In this case, the documents will prove that both parents have to provide financial support for the child.

Medical reasons

Usually, for registering your child for medical insurance, they may need a document of paternity to prove that the child belongs to the family. Besides medical insurance, having a record of the family also helps the doctor in case he checks the medical history of the father or the mother, which can help to gain information about genetic traits or diseases that may affect the child. Some medical insurance also need a document of paternity for your medical procedures to be processed, which can be a hassle if you don’t have the records.

Tip: for example, a medical history of heart disease might run in the family, and there’s a chance that your kid might have a heart disease in the future.

Here we have listed some reasons for why establishing paternity can be important, perhaps after reading this, you might want to establish or at least research on how to get your paternity documents, the choice is in your hands.

Benefits Of Hiring A Life Insurance Attorney

At some point, you will be required to claim your life insurance but the process can sometimes tend to be complex, and you will need the help of an attorney to guide you in getting your claim. That aside, there are various advantages of hiring a life insurance claim attorney to guide you through such a difficult process.

Taking your case to trial


The life insurance cases especially those involving omitting a beneficiaries name or delayed claims do reach to trial. Everyone wants to win such cases to avoid the massive losses and emotional damage that comes afterward. Therefore having a life insurance attorney to represent you or your company in life insurance matters is a step towards winning a case at trial.

Lawyers are motivated to help

Most lawyers will usually work on a contingency basis which means that they are going to get full payment once the insurance settlement is complete. This is advantageous given that you will have someone with experience taking on your case and working to ensure that you get the highest settlement possible. Given that most lawyers are paid in full once the case is closed they will always work on a case that they can easily win.

They increase your odd

In cases where you are going against an insurance company, you need to understand that such a lawsuit isn’t an easy task. Despite doing your best, it’s not easy to win such a case without the help of a lawyer. An insurance company knows that it has a better grasp and bargaining power to ensure that you attain the lowest settlement possible. What’s more, most insurance companies use your unfamiliarity with the different claim processes to undermine your interests. However, a life insurance attorney has a greater command of the insurance industry, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your chances when making an insurance settlement.

Lawyers understand the legal process


Although you might have a good understanding of what your life insurance claims is worth, you’ll  hardly have a good grasp of the legal procedure that is involved in the mediation and litigation of your claim. For instance, you wouldn’t have an idea on the statutory limitations that are applicable, how to accurately complete forms and the type of legal documents to file. With such a loophole in the legal knowledge, the insurance company can take advantage and beat you at the legal technicalities. However, life insurance lawyers understand the complexities involved in getting claims, and you won’t feel left out on the thousands of your insurance claim because of a minor legal procedure.