How To Solve Employment Disputes

The process of resolving employment disputes effectively and quickly is very critical in managing a business. Poor relationships in an office can lead to animosity and many so many problems which affect the performance of employees. Unresolved issues can lead to serious litigations if they are not handled appropriately. Any disputes which arise should be solved in the best way possible to ensure that all the parties remain happy. The following techniques will help you in solving disputes and issues which arise in your organization.

Embracing a clear dispute resolution mechanism

Employees are required to raise their grievances with the employer within three months. This will be helpful in making the management aware of the problems affecting the employees. All the members are required to understand the dispute resolution process fully. This will enable them in presenting their grievances in the best way. The process followed when solving disputes should be included and well outlined in the staff contracts. Alternatively, you can use any related literature or handbooks given to the employees to make them aware of the dispute resolution process for solving internal problems.

Involving a third-party where necessary

The process of involving a third-party can be constructive. It is an approach which is highly regarded, and it can help in keeping focus when solving internal issues. This means that staff members should be allowed to hire a legal representative when solving a dispute affecting them. The management should make them feel comfortable when they decide to seek support from a legal representative. The management can also seek assistance from an industry association member or a lawyer.

By following these principles

Allow the various parties to state their facts– each party in a dispute should be given an opportunity of stating its facts. All the parties should be given ample time. This will help in minimizing misunderstandings affecting the various parties.
Talking to each other– A resolution can be obtained through a thorough discussion. The parties involved should not be afraid during the discussion. The parties should initiate any discussion in dispute but not the representatives or the trade union.
Clarifying the problem– this involves identifying the key problem. This will ensure that both parties are talking from the same script.

Deciding on whether to seek for assistance when solving the problem

Each party should consider the kind of mediation that would be needed when solving a problem. This is more likely to happen if both parties are unable to resolve their dispute internally. Both parties are advised to act calmly, professionally and honestly to make the resolution process easy, quick and painless.

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